Mothers Journey Set
Mothers Journey Set
Mothers Journey Set

Mothers Journey Set

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Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences. It can also be a time where we experience all different emotions. Being a Mum to three myself I know too well the emotional rollercoaster that Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn life can be. 

We have created the perfect set of self care items for you. Your Mothers Journey Set will be delivered to you in 3 installments 6 weeks apart. Your first delivery will be focused on Pregnancy, second on Birth and third and final on Newborn life. You will receive a gift that is tailored to each stage of Motherhood. 

This Mothers Journey Set is the perfect gift to give to a new Mum that is focused on her. Each Pregnancy delivery will include a $30 Voucher to say thank you. 

- Pregnancy delivery includes our luxurious Body Oil, Soothe Herbal Bath Soak and Get Moving Blend. 

- Birth delivery includes our NEW Peri Mist, Birth Blend, Sleep Mist and Lip Balm. These are all essentials for the hospital. The Peri Mist and Birth Blend are suited for Vaginal and Caesarean Births. 

- Newborn delivery includes Body Scrub, Calm Blend, Morning Mist and Soothing Face Mask. 

Your first Pregnancy set will be sent the day of purchase and the following Birth and Newborn will be sent 6 weeks apart. Your subscription is made in 3 installments (date of purchase then 6 weeks later and the final payment 6 weeks afterwards). You are able to cancel your subscription at any stage. 

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