About Us

The Simple Stuff officially launched at the end of 2019. Prior to that this was a hobby, a passion. With our lives so busy and constantly moving forward the aim was to provide essential items to families so that they can have natural, non toxic and environmentally friendly options. 

As The Simple Stuff has grown so has our passion. We realised that there was little to no time that was getting spent on ourselves. Most and if not all of us put others needs before our own which can leave no time for ourselves. Our focus and aim has shifted to Self Care and making time for yourself. Even if it is just 5 minutes a day to do something with the only beneficiary being you. The Focus is You. 

Our products reflect this passion with the focus of Self Care items that are indulgent and luxurious while being non toxic, environmentally friendly and good for you. All our products, downloadable and planners are designed by Jess. Jess is a mum to 3 and understand the business of life and the daily juggles. 


We use all certified organic ingredients and use Doterra Essential Oils in our blends and mixes. All blends and mixes are our own and each product is made individually to ensure that there is consistency across all products. Our products are a guide and we do not claim to solve, resolve, cure or prevent any health or lifestyle issues.