Sweat Deck - Mind'n'Body Nutrition

Sweat Deck - Mind'n'Body Nutrition

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Tired of doing the same workout routines day in and day out? Spice up your fitness plans with Sweat Deck – the perfect companion for training on the go!

Our deck comes with 52 rose gold trim and waterproof cards that last a lifetime, giving you 52 more reasons to get in shape and stay in shape. Every workout session offers a one-of-a-kind experience, so you never feel stuck doing the same things over and over. Enjoy a wide variety of exercises optimized to ensure a complete, holistic full-body workout.

Play with the whole squad, or just have fun working out alone. Whether you’re at home, hitting the gym, or just about anywhere, expect the Sweat Deck to give you a jolly good time while being fit and healthy!

What you get:

  • 1 Instruction card
  • 10 Lower body cards  
  • 10 Upper body cards
  • 10 Ab burner cards
  • 10 Stretch cards
  • 11 Wild cards